What is Pinsa?

Like Pizza? You’ll love Pinsa.

One bite of Pinsa and you know it’s a very special type of pizza.  Most obvious is the crust: It’s impossibly light – even airy – and crispy. 

That’s because it’s made from  special Italian flours (non GMO, of course) , mixed  according to time-honored traditions specific to Pinsa. Then the dough is allowed to rise for 72 hours.  (This is completely unlike regular pizza dough, which rises for only a few hours.)

After rising, pinsa dough is hand-stretched (to preserve the structure) and shaped into a rectangle. It’s then lightly coated with olive oil and baked on a pizza stone at a very high temperature.

The final step is adding premium ingredients –  San Marzano tomatoes, Parmesan Reggiano, and whipped ricotta. Now thattsa Pinsa.

Pinsa. [Pin-zuh] Noun. 1. Pizza reinvented. 2. Known for it’s fluffy, cloud-like texture. “The Pinsa from Pinsa Love is the best frozen pizza I’ve ever eaten.”

Here is a PDF of a study discussing the health benefits of long fermentation of dough