What is Pinsa?

Like Pizza? You’ll love Pinsa.

Pinsa is a culinary achievement with both a rich flavor and a rich history dating back to Roman times. Unlike traditional pizza, Pinsa begins with a unique combination of GMO free wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough that results in a crust with an impossibly light, cloud-like texture. The authentic process begins with a 72 hour fermentation, making Pinsa easily digestible, and because we choose to use ingredients that honor the art of traditional Italian Pizziola’s, our Pinsa is free from saturated fats, oils, or added sugars.

At Pinsa Love, our Pinsa is hand-crafted in small batches in our traditional ovens, making each one unique from the start. Then, because in Italy, the Pinsa is baked twice, you get to turn your own kitchen into a Pizzeria, resulting in a warm, mouth-watering meal ready to enjoy from the comfort of home.

Pinsa. [Pin-zuh] Noun. 1. Pizza reinvented. 2. Known for it’s fluffy, cloud-like texture. “The Pinsa from Pinsa Love is the best frozen pizza I’ve ever eaten.”

Here is a PDF of a study discussing the health benefits of long fermentation of dough