The Story of Pinsa Love

I love pizza, but I have always struggled to find good pizza at home. While we have lots of great pizzerias- pizza does not travel well. Cold and Soggy. Frozen pizza...its just not real pizza.

I discovered Pinsa in Italy a couple of years ago. Pinsa is a thick crust pizza, but not like any other thick crust I have ever had. Light and airy, almost cloud-like.

Pinsa is hard to make- very wet dough, 80% water compared to 55% with regular dough and it takes over 72 hours to rise. This creates the airy and light structure. In Italy, the crusts are partially cooked and then when ordered, they get topped and baked again.

This could be the solution to great pizza at home....bake it at home.

My friends in Italy thought I was crazy to try to create a delicious frozen Pinsa, but after testing many many kilos of Pinsa flour---it can be done! Pizzeria quality at home!

Thanks for supporting my Pinsa journey. I hope you love it and will spread the love to your friends and family!


Here is a PDF of a study discussing the health benefits of long fermentation of dough