The Story of Pinsa Love

I love pizza. I love it so much that I made a pilgrimage to the town of Massa Marittima in Tuscany so that pizzaiolos Marco and Lara could teach me how to make artisanal pizza. But while there, I discovered and fell in love with Pinsa, and spent several weeks learning how to make it, instead.

Back at home, what could I eat? Sure I could find decent pizza out on the town, but there was nothing good for at-home dining – not take-out, not delivery, and definitely not frozen. I still missed great pizza that came straight from the oven. That’s when I realized Pinsa could be the answer. In fact, because Pinsa is always baked twice, I reasoned it’s perfect for at-home.

After a year of work, I perfected the recipes and techniques, and now I can offer you this – a frozen Pinsa that’s ready for its second and final baking. Just 18 minutes in your oven and you’ll be enjoying an incredibly delicious, authentic Pinsa. Just like Marco makes.  Buon appetito!


Here is a PDF of a study discussing the health benefits of long fermentation of dough