Time to cook your Pinsa!

Cooking Instructions-

Preheat your oven and pan to 450 degrees
Bake for 18-23 minutes.
Start watching it at 18 minutes.

Cooking Hacks-

Thaw it

  • Take your Pinsa out of the freezer and thaw it in the refrigerator.  This can be done up to 2 days before you are going to cook it.  Always defrost in the fridge—never on the counter!
  • This allows the heat of the oven to cook your Pinsa, without having to defrost it first.

Crank the Oven

  • Ovens in a Pizzeria cook at over 600 degrees. 
  • Your home oven can’t get that high, but most can go to 500.  The hotter the oven- the quicker your Pinsa will cook.
  • Preheat your oven, this is really important as you want the temperature to even out inside the oven.

Use a Pan

  • When you preheat your oven, put you baking pan in.  Let it get to same oven temperature.
  • Your Pinsa crust was coked on a stone surface inside our oven.  Stones are great because they retain the high temperatures and make the crust crispy.

Use Your Eyes

  • Time is important, but use your eyes.  Each oven is different, so use the timer as a base.
  • Watch the crust- let it get really golden brown.
  • Watch the cheese- let it get all melty and yummy.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your broiler for a minute or so…to perfectly finish the Pinsa