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PinsaPinsa. [Pin-zuh] Noun. 1. Pizza reinvented. 2. Known for it’s fluffy, cloud-like texture. “The Pinsa from Pinsa Love is the best frozen pizza I’ve ever eaten.”

What is a Pinsa?

Pinsa is a style of Pizza from Rome. Thick, but super light crust. Rectangular and full of crispy bubbles which hold amazing toppings.

Unlike dense pizza crust, cloud-like Pinsa is more than a base for toppings, its decadent and complex flavors make the crust an integral component of our culinary creations.

It's the crust...

Crispy- Light- Fluffy- "Cloud-like"

It takes three days for our dough to become a Pinsa. Our custom blend of non-GMO flavors are the base, but it's our love in making the dough that really makes these Pinsas special!


Pizzeria quality at home

What's the secret to making great Pinsa at home?

It's simple. Bake it right in your oven. (oops! we told you the secret.)

You can cook it straight from the freezer, but for best results we
recommend letting it thaw first. Just a few hours in the refrigerator should do the trick.


How big is a Pinsa?

A Pinsa is approximately 7.5 x 11 inches. They are designed to serve 2 people...or 1 very hungry person. Or 1 person with leftovers (they reheat great!).

Each Pinsa is hand made, so the may look a bit different- but portion size is the same.